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GloryBound Gospel Band

   Making Music to Honor and Glorify God

Larry Lawrence   Born and raised in Pensacola, Florida, Larry has been singing since his youth. He began directing church music in his early adulthood and has continued to assist many churches with their music through the years on a part time or missionary basis. In the 1960’s Larry recorded an album with a quartet from Faith Baptist Church of Milton Florida where he sang tenor and some lead vocals. He has continued singing bass, tenor and some lead parts over the past several years and became a member of “GloryBound” gospel band where he enjoys singing with his wife and others at local churches and gatherings. He directs an “open mike” venue, Milton Community Choir, which meets the first and third Monday nights each month at 6:30 PM at the Fellowship Hall of Avalon Baptist Church, Milton, Florida. Larry desires to continue singing for God’s honor and glory to witness and spread the gospel. 

Teresa Lawrence   Born in Chattanooga Tennessee, Teresa grew up in northwest Florida and began singing in church early childhood, standing in a chair beside her mother. She started playing the piano for church services when she was a teenager and continued singing with her family. She has served as pianist at several churches in northwest Florida. Her ability to sing and play piano has continued throughout her life and she uses her God given talents wherever needed. She currently is pianist for the Milton Community Choir which meets twice a month at Avalon Baptist Fellowship Hall in Milton Florida and also plays piano and sings with “GloryBound” gospel band. Teresa enjoys assisting others by playing piano and singing when the opportunity permits. She feels her gift from God is service related thereby facilitating others to worship.

Dorothy Wicks    Born in Scottsboro Alabama, Dorothy began singing with her cousins as a teenager where she recorded an album and sang on local radio. Dorothy began singing lead vocals but changed to singing alto when her daughters came along and she taught them to sing. She has been a vital choir member all her adult life at various churches and recently joined “GloryBound” gospel band. Her ability to sing harmony has been an asset to the group. Dorothy’s desire is to serve her Lord and Savior by singing.

Clayton Cotton “Promised to Serve” That is Clayton Cotton’s motto. Clayton has been praising God since his salvation, August 1994. His family was challenged by his daughter’s near death, but through God’s grace she is alive today. At that time Clayton remembered the words of his Mother “you are never so lost that God can’t hear your prayers”. Clayton prayed for God to save his soul and promised to serve Him. He joined “GloryBound” a local gospel band where he sings and testifies to God’s salvation. Clayton directs an “open mike” gathering every 3rd Friday evening each month at 6:00 PM located at Ferry Pass Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. “Promised to Serve” and “Living A Legacy” are two of Clayton’s recently recorded CD’s. Clayton’s desire is to serve the Lord through his music and testifying of God’s grace.

Why Us?

GloryBound seeks to encourage the church and evangelize the lost through the medium of gospel music and the saving message of Christ and Him crucified. We believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God. We believe in the virgin birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and in the sufficiency of Christ’s finished work at Calvary for the atoning of sin. Sharing the message of God’s love and salvation in song is our prime desire. The members of GloryBound come together to share our skills and our songs to be living testimonies of our personal encounter with Jesus. We work hard to merge our talents and skills in an earnest effort to keep God the star of our ministry. GloryBound is spiritually based merging our personal experiences and God’s gifts to each member for the purpose of spreading the Gospel through church services, charity events and live performances. Call today to schedule a date for your church or organization. 850-994-3141